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My name is Nichelle Dawkins and I am running for Bedford City Council to Carry the Vision Forward that Bedford be a quality community and a place of economic vitality for the next generation of Bedford residents.

As a member of the City Council, I want to Carry the Vision Forward with:

Efficient City Budget and Management

Because of my finance and data analytics background, I have regularly commented and provided feedback on our city budget. As a city council member, I will closely evaluate the budget to identify efficiencies and ensuring tax dollars are used wisely.

Strategic Redevelopment

I plan to concentrate on redevelopment by ensuring the comprehensive land use plan is updated and as well as strategic plans are developed for Bedford Commons, Brown Trail, and Industrial Blvd Property (Campus West). These efforts will help us attract more commercial businesses and tax base.

Investing in Infrastructure

Along with the focus on the budget and redevelopment, I will ensure our efforts are investing in updating our aging infrastructure.

Sustaining Public Safety Support

I plan to continue support our Police Department and Fire Department ensuring adequate staffing and equipment are funded. Additionally, I support providing avenues for increased community engagement with these departments.

Promoting Citizen Involvement 

I am advocating for the establishing a Bedford Citizen’s Academy that would provide residents an opportunity to learn how city operations work.

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